[FRIDAY FAVE] The DoS Duo at 5 x 10

So there was no Friday Fave last week because I ended up on this crazy adventure with five crazy girl friends, four restaurants, plus seven hours of non-stop gabbing. Let's just say it's been awhile since I went home at 2:30 in the morning. It almost didn't happen again tonight because I kind of fail at planning and almost didn't have a place to stay in Singapore next week. But everything's fine and now this entry finally sees the light of day...

It seems rather apt that this Friday Fave got move because it is dear RIIDA's birthday! His 30th at that! Happy birthday Ohno Satochi~! :P I know this entry is DoS-centric but in the heart of it all you make these two extra happy!

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[TRAVEL BUG] Singapore Here I Come!

This feels like one big ball of rush but I will be in Singapore on 29th of November to the 2nd of December! The 29th will be the official work-related day but then I got permission to stay until the 2nd and drain my savings.

I will be meeting up with hemisofia and snoew on the night of Dec 1 for dinner and I dunno if any of you want to join us (miserabilities , tipsytoe , and angelamori ). Okay who else is Singapore-based because my memory fails me right now. I want to try meet you people somehow!

I don't know where I'd be staying yet on the 29th but I'll be in the Suntec City convention center for the Toshiba event. Technically the "work day" is until the 30th (I was supposed to fly off then) but then I was told by my boss that the 30th is a free day already so that's when my solo backpacking crazy tourist expedition begins. haha Yes it has that long of a title. And yes it is my first trip out of the country and I decided to be crazy enough and travel/backpack on my own.

I will most likely stay at The Hive because they have a female dorm that costs 20SGD and I'm in the midst of my inquiry about the place. Since I'll probably be running on approximately 250SGD (including my accommodations) this is so going to be a budget trip.

Any places you'd recommend I go to? Shopping haunts? Interesting sites? Food to try? Is there like a free map or something I can refer to before the trip or that's available when I get there? I need all the help I can get. ^^

[FRIDAY FAVE] Let's Run! Running Man~ Bang!

Because of my sudden interest in the flower boy Song Joong Ki, I found myself downloading this SBS variety show about two weeks back. I wanted to see Joong Ki outside of loveable Yeorim role in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and hyper SHINee stan mode on Music Bank and so I decided to watch Running Man and see what all the fuss is about.

In the first episode I decided to try out, I stumbled upon this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That sealed the deal. I knew I needed to see more. I watched the "cops and robbers" like portion of the show with bated breath and from then on, I was hooked.

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[TUNEAGE] It Feels Like It's Christmas

I have never been this excited for a comeback... ever. I mean this has got to be the first teaser I've fallen in love with at first sight/listen since I started K-Pop fangirling over a year back. Bonamana didn't do much for me maybe because the teaser barely had anything in it. And this teaser for B2ST's Lights Go On Again is just simply PERFECTION. PERFECTION. There really is no other word to describe it. I have nothing bad to say about the teaser or the song. I love it so much I want to marry the boys it.

Right now I am just beyond stoked and I've never been prouder of these boys and the fact that they keep producing quality stuff. I stand by my statement that music-wise they're my favorite in K-Pop.

[FRIDAY FAVE] Blow My Mind

I like a man that can make me think. A man who makes me question what I don't or do believe in. They prove what a friend and I have been talking about regarding our unrealistic expectations in future partners. I can never marry a man who can't intimidate me with his mind. And that is where these two enter into the picture and take over this week's Friday Fave.

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Translation credit for YAI: yooahinhaven

[INTROSPECTION] Hey Lonely Soul...

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So I've been lonely, I've been attacked by a serious case of loneliness for over a year and I've let it eat away at me rather slowly. 

I worry about loneliness a lot, but I don't go around trying to find something that can assuage my feelings. There are people who think that hanging out with friends or spending time with the person you love will dissolve your loneliness, but I think that those kinds of things will only help you forget your loneliness for a short time. I think people are meant to exist in loneliness by nature. --Yoo Ah In

Now, this man up here is putting things into a perspective I haven't considered before. Um Hong Shik a.k.a. Yoo Ah In has this ability to leave me amazed every time he tweets and has gotten me to face some difficult emotions.

And that is what the opening of this entry is all about: loneliness and my own worries about it.

I got out of school and was separated from really close friends and the familiar world we inhabited. I was thrown into unfamiliar situations that I've met with trepidation, fear, excitement, relief - you name it and I've probably come across it at one point or another. The only constant feeling I kept was the loneliness that always gnawed at me.

I always thought I was good with being on my own. I always felt like I was always just a bit outside of my circle of friends. That's just how it always has been. But things became more prominent when when I entered the "real world" because for once I really didn't have anyone beside me. Sure I enjoyed the quiet moments of exploring the city - and at times the countryside - on my own but I always felt that little bit of loneliness tucked away in my back pocket.

I've been in denial I know but I'm finally accepting it and welcoming it even because as Yoo Ah In said: I think people are meant to exist in loneliness by nature.

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The Twistedhalo on Fangirl Diaries

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Okay so I hinted about this in a previous entry but now I can finally talk about it! I am now writing for my awesome friend Arriane on her equally awesome fangirl blog Fangirl Diaries.

I'm in charge of KPop Star Tweets for now, thus putting to good use the ridiculously large amount of time I spend on Twitter. But please do watch out for more posts and support us.

Hope y'all are having a spooky/lovely Halloween! :)

P.S. I can't quit LJ even if I wanted to all you lovelies are here. Well those I can still get hold of. 

[FRIDAY FAVE] Spreadin' the idol love

So today I'm all about senpai/kohai, hyung/dongsaeng/chingu love courtesy of 2PM's win on M!Countdown and Kanjani8 on HnA's Mannequin 5

You put One Day in a room together and hilarity is bound to ensue. You put them on a stage together and things get even better.

I'll Be Back is one of my 2PM songs so seeing 2AM sing it and goof off with the boys definitely made my Friday. Seulong and Jinwoon were totally into it, and Kwon's just being his beautiful self. I laugh at Changmin's fail because this definitely showed why he's in the "ballad group."

And there's this week's Himitsu no Arashi-chan and Mannequin 5 with Kanjani8. The answer to my JE fangirl dream.

I loved the pairs pitted against each other -- especially the last one and Nino's "competition"). I loved Jun perpetually ragging on Ryo, Yoko and his side comments, and just the general kookiness of Kanjani8 on an Arashi show. <3

They definitely need to have a show together.

[FANGIRL ENCOUNTERS] K-Pop Meets P-Pop: Kim Hyun Joong edition

One of the things that really surprised me about this concert was the amount of noona fans and I do mean those of the mother-variety. There was this mother and daughter pair that was almost behind me in line and the mom was the one wearing the Triple S shirt. I was too shy to ask for a photo of them but that seriously amused me.

There were a lot of older fans in the Green Triple S shirts they had (which I assume are from a local fanclub) and it's amusing and scary to think that I may be like that still in the future. haha Also, these noona fangirls took up most of the front row of the concert.

I kind of feel bad for them that Hyun Joong didn't sing as many songs as he should have. You could consider him the "main act" of this concert but he just spent most of his time with that deer-caught-in-headlight look while being "interviewed". The interpreter kind of blew our minds away. I was going through severe second-hand embarrassment when she was translating.

I already mentioned this in my B2ST entry for this concert but KHJ did sing a total of three songs namely: Happiness (from the BOF soundtrack), Please Be Nice To Me, and Thank You. You could count the Heal The World performance but his backup dancers were more into it than he was. :P

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Something very cool is happening very soon so you, my dear friends, better stalk FANGIRL DIARIES soon. Or better yet stalk now since Arriane is awesome and she runs a cool site. :) Check out WANDERRGIRL too for her escapades around Seoul last week.

[FRIDAY FAVE/TUNEAGE/MAJOR SWOON] Ayyyy Girl, They Be "Role Playing" On Twitter

I'm quite predictable these days because all I seem to talk about is Sungkyunkwan Scandal and all I've been listening to is JYJ's Ayyyy Girl. So it be apt that Friday Fave goes to the epic-ness that is Yoochun and Yoo Ah In tweeting and this epic Kanye West produced song and the bombshell which is the entire JYJ on twitter.

I've lost count how many times I've had this song on loop. It just blew my mind. It's clearly my favorite track off their album with Micky's solo I Love You a close second. What can I say the song is ridiculously catchy?

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