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And She Was Gone
A place for all my fangirling tendencies and perhaps a bite reality on the side
1st-May-2028 01:10 pm - Welcome To Twistedhalo's Lair
Hi! I usually ignore really random adds so please leave a comment here and tell me if you want me to add you back.

I like getting to know my flist so I'm quite cautious with accepting friend requests. I need it to be a reciprocal relationship of some sort. I'd try to be updated in your life and I hope you are with mine as well (I suck at these right now to be honest). I haven't done any friend-cut at this point because I sort of think it's mean (not unless you offend me severely), especially since we have agreed to add each other up... okay I'll stop rambling now. :D

If I know you outside of LJ or we happened to flail some place else, just tell me I'd gladly add you back. ^___^

I have been wanting to do this for awhile, I want to reintroduce myself somehow to those who might want to friend me.

Name: Nicole
Age: 22
Location: Philippines
Occupation: editorial assistant for a local tech mag

It's me, me and more meCollapse )
31st-Dec-2010 06:00 pm - The Watch List 2010
Currently Watching
♥ Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo
♥ Hellcats
♥ Lost Girl
♥ Paradise Kiss
♥ Lie To Me Season 3
♥ Fugitive Plan B

Currently Reading
♥ The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Stuff and more stuff...Collapse )

*Re-doing my watch list to see what I finish each month.
Merry Christmas!!! I haven't been able to announce this here yet but I've recently transferred journals and you can now find me at [info]outside_my_box. I sure hope to see you there!
I have not fangirled enough this week to warrant a decent Friday Fave post so let me just give you a glimpse of the most unforgettable trip of my life... to date.

While I was rummaging through the stuff I brought home from Singapore, I realized that it was like I came home from a trip to Japan rather than SG because of the things I just got...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kino made me broke... but happy. :DCollapse )
1st-Dec-2010 10:38 am - [TRAVEL BUG] Quick Post <3
Greetings from SG!!! :) I'm having a blast here and spent yesterday meeting up with hemisofia, tipsytoe and angelamori. I'm like having multiple fangirl meet ups. I have more of the fangirlfriends to meet up today and I shall make a sensible post when I get back to Manila tomorrow.

I don't want to return to reality. Boo. haha
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